Avraham Michael Grinzaid 

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Avraham Michael Grinzaid | Rehovot, Israel

Honorable President of Helping Hand Global Forum

Public figure | WWII Veteran | Holocaust Survivor


Avraham Grinzaid is a Co-Founder, Honorable President, and Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum

  • He is a Chairman of the Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism (Союз Ветеранов Второй Мировой Войны – Борцов Против Нацизма | ברית ותיקי מלחמת העולם השנייה שנלחמו בנאצים).
  • Elected “Man of the Year 2022” of Helping Hand Global Forum, awarded with countless awards and nominations in Israel and other countries.
  • Born in 1926 in Bessarabia – in the past Romania, and now Moldova. During the Holocaust, he was a Ghetto Survivor, then a fighter against Nazism as a soldier in Red Army.



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