Bozena Gasiorowski

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Bozena Gasiorowski | Caesarea, Israel

Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum

Public Figure | Philanthropy | International Diplomacy|


Bozena Gasiorowski is a Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum.

  • Activities: Bozena Gasiorowski is a Co-founder, Board Member, and Financial Director of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel. Since 2007, she has supported Holocaust survivors living in Israel, preserving the memory of the Holocaust, supporting Israel and the Jewish people around the world, global interfaith dialogue, and peace initiatives in Israel and other countries.
  • Awarded for her outstanding work supporting victims of the Holocaust and preserving memories of WWII veterans with Recognition Certificates by the Knesset, Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel, Jerusalem Association of Holocaust Survivors, Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism, and many other organizations.
  • She earned her M.A. in Political Science, Security, and Diplomacy from IDC (Reichman University Herzliya); her B.A. in Government Policies from Tel Aviv University.
  • Born in 1963 in Poland. During the WWII Nazi occupation of Poland, both Bozena’s grandparents saved the lives of many Jews families by hiding them under the floor in his house in a small village near Lublin in Poland.



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