Sam Ben Chetrit

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Sam Ben Chetrit | Jerusalem, Israel

International Board Executive Member of Helping Hand Global Forum


Sam Ben Chetrit is an International Board Executive Member of Helping Hand Global Forum.

World Federation of Moroccan Jewry (WFMJ) is the central and most influential organization of Moroccan Jews in Israel. The organization is represented by 101 branches in Israel, Morocco, Europe, and North and South America. In Israel, WFMJ is the umbrella for 23 organizations and city councils. WFMJ works towards the unity of the Jewish people. It also provided a scholarship fund from which scholarships are awarded to disadvantaged students from all communities, students of all faiths, ethnic and national backgrounds. Up to the end of 2014, WFMJ distributed 23 million NIS ($6.5 million) to 3,640 students in Israel.  


  • In 2001, Sam Ben Shitrit founded the World Federation of Moroccan Jews and served as its Chairman. Within the framework of the Federation, Ben Shitrit works to collect and grant donations within the framework of a “scholarship fund” to disadvantaged students from all communities in Israel to instill the heritage of Moroccan Jewry in Israel and the Diaspora and to emphasize its role and contribution in the rebirth of the people and the state, in the media and various lectures.
  • The Federation annually awards the “Distinguished Citizen of Moroccan Jewry” award to exemplary figures in the Jewish people; Among the recipients were Prime MinisterAriel Sharon (2002), Chief Rabbi of Israel Meir Lau (2003), President Shimon Peres (2004), Minister of Education, Culture and SportLimor Livnat (2005), who received it “because of her personality, pleasantness of manners, respectful public appearance and good attitude toward people.”, Board of directors of Bank Hapoalim (2007), President of the Consituirein FranceJean-Pierre Blanchard (2008), and Chairman of IDB GroupNochi Dankner (2009), brothers Joe Raphael and Avi Nakash (2010), Leon and Moshe Edri (2011), Rabbi Moshe Nissim Dadon-London (2012), Dr. Andre Gasiorowski (2017).
  • In 2001 he initiated the Golden Book of Moroccan Jewry as a book of registration and identification; It included heads of state, friendly leaders of state, elected officials, heads and members of Diaspora and generous communities, and other Israeli citizens.
  • Sam Ben Shitrit is Chairman of the Public Committee for the Commemoration of King Hassan II, which he founded in 1999—President Shimon Peres served as honorary President of the Committee.
  • In 1986 he participated in a delegation of Moroccan Knesset members who paid an official visit to Morocco as guests of King Hassan. 
  • In 1992 he initiated and founded the Beit Eliyahu Synagogue in Belmonte, Portugal, the first synagogue for Marano Jews since they were supervised by the Inquisition 500 years ago.
  • In 1980, he initiated and drafted the Covenant for Unity with Israel, signed by the heads of the State of Israel, the Chief Rabbis, representatives of the Diaspora, and other Israeli citizens. He initiated the Golden Book of Unity with Israel, which deals with the struggle against assimilation in the Diaspora.
  • Since 1980 he has produced 38 films in cooperation with television networks, discussing Moroccan Jewry, its values, and culture.
  • Sam Ben Shitrit was born in Talshinat, Morocco, and immigrated to Israel in 1963.



Events with the participation of

  • Isaac (Yitzhak) Herzog, President of Israel.
  • Ruven Rivln, President of the State of Israel from 2014 to 2021. Speaker of the Knesset (2003–2006 and 2009–2013).
  • Shimon Peres, Israeli statesman who served as the ninth President of Israel from 2007 to 2014. He served twice as the Prime Minister of Israel and held several other ministerial positions throughout his career. Peres was a Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his efforts in negotiating the Oslo Accords, which aimed to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 93.
  • Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, 22nd Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
  • Gen. Gadi Eisenkot or Eizenkot, 21st Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (2015–2019).
  • Amir Ohana, Speaker of the Knesset. He previously held the posts of Minister of Justice and Minister of Public Security.