Keren Global Forum for Israel Registration

The goals of the organization are:

  1.  Strengthening the personal security, socio-economic of the needy in Israel: support for Holocaust survivors, families in distress, disabled people, children and youth at risk, women, lone soldiers and others. 
  2. Developing a voluntary system for improving the life quality of Holocaust survivors and disadvantaged populations. Mental support and assistance, implementation of legal rights and leisure culture.
  3. Promoting projects to commemorate and preserve the memory of the Holocaust. 
  4. Support and assistance to the ‘Home Front Command’ for emergency situations, wars, terror attacks and natural disasters. Establishing an emergency line for immediate assistance. 
  5. Support in the medical fields, dental and vision treatments for the elderly, disabled and children from families in distress during an economic crisis. 
  6. Organizing cultural evenings, community meetings with different communities, international events, seminars and conferences.
  7. Opening an information site, building lobby groups to solve problems of different populations facing  government ministries and other bodies. 
  8. Assisting and supporting the realization of academic potential and volunteering for scientists, associations and organizations to promote various projects.
  9. Encouraging and supporting immigrant absorption to Israel.
  10. Promoting support and national broad understanding between the Jewish people and Israel, assistance in the field of public diplomacy for Israel (Hasbara) in the Christian world and in general, and the exchange of delegations from Poland, Germany, Canada, the United States and others. Empowering love towards Israel and the Jewish people.


  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski
  • Chaim Eretz
  • Meir Kahlon (†)
  • Alexander Berman
  • Avraham Sharnopolsky
  • Avraham Greenzaid

Initiated by (2012):

  • Helping Hand Coalition – Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman
  • Association of Wounded Jewish Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis – Gen. Roman Jagiel, Chairman (†)
  • Pensioner Union – Gen. Rafi Eitan, Chairman (†)
  • Veterans Union of World War II Fighters Against Nazism – Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman
  • Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel – Gita Koifman, Chairman
  • Centrum “Hazit HaKavod” – Dr. Alexander Berman, Chairman
  • Coordination Committee of Russian Immigrants in Israel – Michael Raif, Chairman
  • Foundation Zikaron – Aaron Molotkowski, Chairman
  • Israel Empowerment Lobby – Albert Veksler, CEO

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