March of the Nations 2018

May 24th, 2018 – the month of May was very eventful for the State of Israel – and not the least of them was the March of the Nations 2018, organized by The March of Life (Germany) and Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum to celebrate and commemorate the 70th anniversary of establishment of modern-day State of Israel.

The March of Life movement was initiated by pastor Jobst Bittner in Germany in 2007 in support of the Holocaust survivors and for educating people about the State of Israel and the Holocaust. The movement has since become international, and the  number of participating countries continues to grow. March of Life holds annual marches all over the world in support of Israel. This year alone, in two months preceding the Jerusalem event, the March of Life was held in over 60 cities around the globe.

To celebrate 70 years of present-day Israel, a three-day conference was held in Jerusalem, culminating in the march through the streets of Jerusalem on May 15th. More than 6,000 people from 50 nations of the world and Israeli supporters went from Gan Sacher to Sultan’s Pool, Mount of Olives, where a great concert titled “Festival of Life” took place. People from all walks of life identified with the survivors and the State of Israel by displaying their national flags, rejoicing on the streets, singing, dancing and blowing shofars.

March of the Nations received warm welcome and support from Israeli State officials and the public and the international community. Many Holocaust survivors were honored through this event and shared their stories with the participants, who will go back to their countries to continue sharing these stories and the vision and importance of the March of Life.

Many more photos and videos on our Facebook page and youtube channel. Here are just a few words of appreciation from the Knesset members:

Greetings from Yael Razvozov

Word from Yuli Edelstein

Greetings from Tali Ploskov