Caesarea | Andre Gasiorowski awarded as a “Man of the Year 2020” of Helping Hand Global Forum

December 3rd, 2020 – Dr. Andre Gasiorowski was awarded by Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum as a “Man of the Year 2020” for his dedication to the survivors of the Holocaust in Israel, which was signed by all in attendance as a Scroll of Recognition during special event took place at the Helping Hand Global Forum headquarters in Caesarea during the celebrating the establishment of the new Parliamentary Lobby in the Knesset for “Strengthening and Supporting Underprivileged Population Groups.”

Among the attendees of this event were Israeli state representatives: 

  • Tali Ploskov – Knesset Member 
  • Leah Shemtov – Former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset 
  • Aaron Azulay – Former General Director of Ministry for Senior Citizens 

Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum representatives: 

  • Luke Gasiorowski – Executive Director of Helping Hand Coalition 
  • Bozena Gasiorowski – Co-founder and Board Member of Helping Hand Coalition
  • Rita Tager – Director General of the Knesset Lobby
  • Igal Even Ziv – Board Member of Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum 

Leaders of the Israeli organizations and congregations: 

  • Mila Fleitman – Chairman of Disaster Victims for the Future; 
  • Gita Koifman – Chairman of the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors
  • Dr. Rachel Shapira – Educational Bridge (Gesher Hinuchi)
  • Boris Burle – Deputy Chairman at the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors
  • Dmitry Yudkievich – management member at the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors
  • Larisa Stadler – Vice-President of the Alliance of the World Nations 
  • Ilia Levin – President of Gate of Culture (Amutat She’rei Tarbut)
  • Avi & Chaya Mizrahi – CEO of Dugit Center / Pastor at Adonai Roi in Tel Aviv 
  • Tony Sporandeo – Pastor of Maayan Congregation in Kfar Saba
  • Peter Tsukahira – Co-Founder of Kehilat HaCarmel – Isfiya and Carmel area
  • Jeremiah Dairo – Pastor of Lift Up Your Head Ministry in Tel Aviv 
  • Evan Liberman – Founder & CEO of Wise Money Israel 
  • Sarah Liberman – Founder & Director of Ascend Music 
  • Ricki Gidoomal – Chief of Staff of the Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation; 
  • Gilad & Magi Rosinger – Chairman & CCO of Radiant Group Israel 

As the global coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, it was refreshingly pleasant and exciting to attend (within the government’s Covid-19 guidelines and regulations) an event that honored the many good deeds that took place in a year filled with so much anguish. Although not everyone could physically attend, it was heartwarming to watch the brief video messages of the Helping Hand Coalition partners who joined this celebration, digitally, from their countries, including: 

  • Roger West (USA) – Chairman of God’s Grace International (GGI)
  • Harald Eckert (Germany) – Chairman of Christians for Israel (C4I)
  • Klaus Dewald (Germany) – Chairman of GAiN Germany (Global Aid Network)
  • Johnny Kim (S.Korea) – President of GCN (Global Christian Network)
  • Norbert Palimaka (Poland) – President of ESPA and OBDS Foundation 
  • Daniel Rozen (Israel) – Executive Board Member of Helping Hand Coalition
  • Albert Tan (Singapore) – President of Travel 360
  • Charles Chaw (Singapore) – Managing Director of China Knowledge (Shanghai)

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