Jerusalem | The first Mimouna celebration in the Knesset

Jerusalem | The first Mimouna celebration in the Knesset

Dr Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman of the Helping Hand Global Forum and Presidency Member of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry was honoured to be part of the VIP delegates at the Executive Praesidium table during the first-ever Mimouna celebration in Knesset. The ceremony was attended by thousands of distinguished guests, including representatives of the Israeli state, public figures, diplomats and ambassadors, including the Moroccan ambassador to Israel, members of the royal family of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, leaders of all Jewish communities, public officials and leaders of organizations from all over Israel.

The Knesset | Mimouna

The Knesset on Wednesday hosted its first-ever Mimouna celebration, welcoming thousands of guests in a traditional Moroccan tent erected in the front plaza. The festive custom held the day after Passover was brought to Israel by Moroccan Jews, with public celebrations starting in 1965.

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, born in Beersheva to Jewish immigrants from North Africa, initiated the first Knesset Mimouna and spoke about its importance. “We are all brothers, even if there are those who deny it. With all the burning disputes, we are all one nation,” said Ohana. Guests who entered the tent decorated in traditional Morocco motifs were treated to tables of sweets and offered the opportunity to wear the caftan, a variant of a robe or tunic worn by Sephardic Jews in Morocco and other areas in the Middle East and North Africa region. The Israeli-Moroccan-style rock band Satayim from Sderot played popular songs in Judeo-Moroccan Arabic with instruments including goblet drums, ouds and kamanchas. Ohana got on stage with the band to participate in the musical celebration.

“Opening the Knesset to the entire people of Israel on the Mimouna is a sign of fraternity within the people and shows that the Knesset is the home of all of Israel’s citizens. Tirbahu wa-tis’adu [‘Prosper and have good fortune’].”

MIMOUNA | Mimouna is a traditional North African Jewish celebration that marks the end of Passover. It is typically celebrated with music, dancing, and a feast of traditional foods, including moufleta, a Moroccan pancake. Mimouna is a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company after the week-long dietary restrictions of Passover. The celebration originated in Morocco but has since spread to other North African and Middle Eastern Jewish communities.  Mimouna has become nearly a national holiday. It is celebrated all over Israel in large numbers and with great joy.

Jewish News Syndicate | Mimouna celebrated at Knesset for the first time 

Photos: Noam Moshkowitz – Knesset Spokesperson,  Rabbi Mordechai Spyra | =>> Photogallery   

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