Basel | Esther de Pommery as Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum

Comtesse Esther de Pommery was born in Bern, Switzerland, and is a descendant of the marriage of Marquis Berthe de Pommery. King Louis XVI gave Marquis Berthe de Pommery this honorable title in 1775 as gratitude for his services to the crown of France. The Countess travels globally, meeting with world leaders and politicians on behalf of the Esther de Pommery Foundation. She recently became a UN Human Rights representative in New York with the New Future Foundation Inc.

Jerusalem | Ceremony to appoint Esther de Pommery, Comtesse de Lambre, Marquise de Pommery, as Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum.

Esther considers it essential to visit with the women and children directly impacted by the support of the Foundation. In Switzerland, she continues as a practicing obstetrician in a hospital in Basel and is an accomplished professional opera singer.

Esther de Pommery: organizations, awards, and achievements:

  • President and Founder of the Esther de Pommery Comtesse de Lambrey Foundation, Switzerland
  • UN Representative for Human Rights in New York with the New Future Foundation Inc
  • Member of the UNESCO Arts of Culture Committee, Paris
  • The Founder of the new hospital, Esther de Pommery” in Montana, Bulgaria
  • Ambassador of the Helping Hand Coalition, Israel
  • Member of the Board of Trustees University of Basle
  • Member of the Board of Directors of World Youth Talent, founded by Roger Moore
  • Honorary doctorate by International Medical Association of Bulgaria, Varna
  • Honorary membership of two cities in Romania, Anina and Bucharest
  • Former Ambassador of the Red Cross (Eyesight)
  • Former Ambassador of Yad Sarah, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Former patronage of various music and dance schools (Bucharest, Sofia, Klusch)
  • Former Honorary Chairperson for Romanian Relief Efforts, Basle, Switzerland
  • Former Director of the annual charity Christmas concert of the City of Basle
  • Former music management for dancers, CID, Athens
  • Former research for dance in African cultures
  • Former member of the International Committee to the Rector Sojza University Humanitarian Efforts for Bulgaria
  • Former member of Flying Doctors” for Nigeria
  • Former President of the newly founded “Israel to the Nations.”
  • Former CEO of the Ombudsman Bulgaria, patron of Human Rights


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