The Teachers Association in Israel

The Israel Teachers Union (ITU) is a prominent labor organization representing over 200,000 educators in Israel. It’s the largest teachers’ organization in the country and plays a significant role in advocating for the rights and interests of teachers and educators. The union negotiates with the government and educational authorities to improve working conditions, salaries, benefits, and other aspects of the education sector.

The Israeli Teachers Union established the Teachers Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Education to ensure the professional advancement of the Israeli teaching staff. The organization is the oldest and largest trade union in Israel and was founded in 1903 under the Ottoman Empire rule during a teachers’ meeting in Zikhron Ya’akov attended by 59 of the approximately 100 teachers in the country. In 2023, the organization has about 140,000 members participating in educational seminars held in 40 countries worldwide. As part of the educational seminars, meetings are held between teaching staff from Israel and teaching staff from various countries. 

The Teachers Union today is an association of representatives to various teaching sectors, from kindergarten teachers to the highest academic degree and advanced science scholars. The moral-pedagogical mission includes a struggle over the level and character of education in Israel and worldwide. As part of this struggle, the Israeli Teachers Union is a partner in the “New Horizon” program for pedagogical change in the education system.

The vision of the Teachers’ Association is to position the teaching staff as a professional and leading community. It nurtures and enriches their professional level and expands their horizons in society and culture. The association’s activities are spread throughout the year and offer teaching staff different and varied content. To achieve its goals, the Israeli Teachers Association initiates and carries out a wide range of learning-support activities and enrichment frameworks, including educational seminars in Israel and abroad, cinema meetings, national conferences, online courses, tours around the country, enriching workshops, and fascinating lectures.


  • Secretary-General – Yaffa Ben-David
  • General Manager – Geva Sagi
  • Headquarters at 8 Ben Sarok Street, Tel Aviv ( רחוב בן סרוק 8 ,תל אביב-יפו)

Bank Massad 

  • Bank Bassad was founded in 1929 as the Massad Mutual Loans and Savings Company by Histadrut HaMorim (Israel’s Teachers’ Trade Union).
  • Today, it is a subsidiary of First International Bank (51%), jointly owned with Histadrut HaMorim.