Haifa | 10th International Crystal Music Festival 2019

It was a night of all nights! The International Convention Center in Haifa was filled with more than 2,000 guests coming from all over the world, 1,000 Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans brought in busloads by Helping Hand Coalition, also broadcasting to 180 countries worldwide – reaching over 500 million viewers. Such event was organised by Crystal Forum Association and Helping Hand Global Forum,

The feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) is a significant feast for both Christians and Jews. For the Jewish people, Shavuot is a feast commemorating the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai; and for the Christians, it’s the day the Spirit of God came and dwelt on earth, beginning in the Upper Room, in Jerusalem. To celebrate this important holiday, Crystal Forum Association and Helping Hand Coalitionjoined forces for the second year to create a night for all of both communities to come together and honor the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

The Message: “Connecting Hands in Unity – We Change the Future.”
The Goal: Bringing Christians and Jews together from around the world, to support the Land of Israel, and show the people that they are not alone.

For ten years, Crystal Forum Association has been hosting the Crystal Music Festival, stirring up change by bringing two groups of people together for an evening of fellowship and music. In a world where the media is spreading lies about what is happening in the Land of Israel, it is essential when hosting events like this to be a beacon of light and show the world that Israel is standing firm and that the people are louder than ever. 

Welcoming the event the chairman of Crystal Forum AssociationDaniel Matiash, along with the heads of Helping Hand CoalitionAndre & Bozena Gasiorowski, took to the stage to share a few words. Bozena spoke an enlightening speech about the power of art and music, how it brings people together in a way nothing else can. 

During Andre’s speech, he invited all of the people who were involved in World War II to stand up so the rest of the audience could acknowledge what they went through, and show them support and appreciation. Watching each survivor stand was an overwhelming moment. As the audience clapped and recognized those present, words cannot fathom the amount of honor and love that emanated around the room for people that have been through so much.

Luke Gasiorowski – Executive Director of Helping Hand Coalition, and esteemed Israeli jewelry designer Nikita Ben Ami, presented the performers as they came onto the stage. Opening the concert as the first musical act was Joshua Aaron, a singer who came to Israel with his family almost ten years ago. Son of an Israeli, Joshua told us that he couldn’t pass up the chance to perform in the city where his mother grew up. His performance started the night on a high note, but with each performance, that high seemed to reach to the stars.

Following Joshua’s performance was a Power Dancers team who came all the way from Seoul, South Korea! Their church, Church of All Nations, has been sponsoring the Crystal Music Festival from the very beginning. Providing their support and expressing their unconditional love for Israel and the Holocaust survivors, the Power Worship Team’s performance radiated the Spirit of God with each song and dance they performed. Wearing a rainbow of colorful costumes, the Korean dancers spread their warmth and energy throughout the auditorium. Their dances brought smiles to people’s faces, and their songs were like a kiss from Heaven. 

Other musical acts included: Shaul and Yulia Ben Har, Irina Abdulmalikova, Ruach HaChaim, Uri Goren, and Melech HaKavod.

Pastor Oren Lev Arie, from Jerusalem, took a few minutes in-between acts to share a message that was on his heart. Speaking about Joseph and his technicolor coat, Pastor Oren explained how the coat is a lot like Israel, being that people from all over the world, from different cultures, come to dwell in the Land of Israel. 

He also went on to talk about how countries attempted to eliminate the Jewish people, and while they succeeded in killing more than six million, they ultimately failed in annihilating us all. Asking a question many people have, “Where was God during the Holocaust?” Pastor Oren’s explained, “God was with us, and He is still with us.” It’s taken many years, but more and more people are coming to understand Israel’s importance; from the acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital to countries from around the world aiding Israel in extinguishing the wildfires that have been sweeping through the country!

The entire concert was lively, entertaining, and full of excitement. Being in the crowded auditorium, watching the performances, and talking with those present was the perfect way to celebrate the feast of Shavuot. It was also an honor to have the Holocaust survivors and war veterans join us in this celebration of life and unity.

A few memorable moments include: Of course, Power Worship Team’s performance that shone as bright as the sun; the youth group from Nazareth Illit, Ruach HaChaim, with a musical act that got people on their feet dancing; and Shaul and Yulia Ben Har (Shamayim Ptuchim / Open Heavens), whose songs caused the crowd to clap and sing along.

The Crystal Music Festival is a highlight of the year, and Helping Hand Coalition would like to thank all of those who were involved in making the night a success. To the Church of All Nations from South Korea who continue to bless Israel with their support and love. All the musical acts who were beyond talented, and the speakers who shared profound wisdom! Thank you, also, to the representative of the Vice Mayor of Haifa, the Consul of the Belarus Embassy in Israel, for your presence at this event and addressing audience. 

Each year, the performances are becoming more amazing, and the crowds are getting bigger! Don’t miss your chance to join in with next year’s festivities; our time together is a very special occasion. If you would like to get involved, you can donate, volunteer, or perform at the upcoming events. We love having new people come and bless the Holocaust survivors, those who are in need, and the people of Israel.

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