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Dr. Andre Gasiorowski took part in the first round table workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel on Monday, July 1  “Israel and Poland are interested and have to overcome the misunderstandings to reach agreements and upgrade diplomatic relations between them,” says Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman of Helping Hand Coalition Israel, following a round table workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel at the Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic College. Senior academics and government officials from Israel and Poland participated in the first round table workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel. The meeting was designed to ensure positive and fruitful relations between Poland and Israel after decades of excellent strategic, economic and diplomatic relations between the two countries. The workshop was attended by leading experts and representatives of civil society, some of whom have close ties with the governments. The workshop discussed the relevant challenges and proposed solutions, while brainstorming for an international conference on the relations between Israel and Poland, to be held immediately following the upcoming elections in Israel and Poland. Among the participants in the conference was Prof. Daniel Blatman, Department of Jewish History and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Colonel (ret.) Yuval Bazak, former military attache to Poland, Dr. Emmanuel Navon, an expert in international relations, Tel Aviv University, Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman of the World Forum of Aid for Israel, Akiva Tor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Andre Gasiorowski stresses that the issue of Jewish-Polish relations is sensitive and loaded not only with us, but also among the Poles, and has in the past led to disagreements and misunderstandings and agreements. It should be noted that Poland was also a victim of the Nazis and the occupation of Poland by the Nazis was particularly cruel to the Poles as well, including murders And forced labor, and that alongside the three million Polish Jews exterminated by the Nazis, three million Christian Poles were also killed and murdered. Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, who initiated and operates the Helping Hand Coalition Israel organization in Israel, which helps tens of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust in Israel, emphasizes that it is worth remembering that 7,000 Poles saved Jews – the largest group of Righteous Among the Nations to whom the Polish government is very proud. Dr. Andre Gasiorowski emphasizes that it will be a mistake and a cry for generations to be dragged back into the past instead of looking forward to the future and horizon of diplomatic relations and important ties in all fields between two friendly countries – Israel and Poland. Photo credit: Dr. Andre Gasiorowski

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