Tel Aviv | Blue-White Party Declares to Aid Elderly People, Survivors of Holocaust, Refugees, and Pensioners

February 21, 2020, Tel Aviv – Blue-White party headquarters.

During a protocol meeting with the Blue-White party, Front of Respect (Hazit HaKavod) presented consulting information about the current tragic situation affecting each year growing number of elderly people, survivors of Holocaust, and pensioners, living in Israel.

The data in the report was collected by scientists, economists, and representatives associated with Front of Respect and Helping Hand Coalition – Global Forum.

Such a report was created after the National Insurance Institute of Israel released a shocking update on the current levels of poverty in Israel. The report detailed that last 10 years there was an increase in poverty level among the elderly each year by 1.6%. Among them, there are over 70,000 of survivors of the Holocaust in need.

During the meeting, a protocol to aid elderly people, survivors of Holocaust, and pensioners in Israel was announced.

Such protocol is a binding irrevocable declaration for the leading party fighting for their seat as Prime Minister of the State of Israel!

Front of Respect (Hazit HaKavod) is a union of 51 organisations in Israel related to society of survivors of Holocaust, immigrants, pensioners, scientists, and many other activists. Chairman of Helping Hand Coalition, Dr. Andre Gasiorowski is as well Honorable Chairman of this organisation.

Front of Respect and Helping Hand Coalition, together with other large Israeli organisations are co-founders of Helping Hand – Global Forum.

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Rights for elderly people, pensioners, and survivors of Holocaust:

  1. The government led by the Blue-White party is committed to acting to improve the financial conditions of the elderly pensioners, survivors of the Holocaust, and pensioners.
  2. The government that will be established will examine the financial policies for the pensioners and will act so that all of the pensioners can live and exist in Israel in dignity.
  3. The government, led by Blue-White, will re-examine the policies towards the survivors of Holocaust, including the different types of payments and external support that they are entitled to.
  4. The government will examine the plan, including the treatment of the elderly that was put together by professional teams of the Ministry of Absorption, and that was presented to the 16th government in September 2018.
  5. The Blue-White party will act to raise the supplemented income for the elderly.
  6. The government will examine options to improve the financial conditions of the survivors of Holocaust who came to Israel after 1953.


  • Blue-White: gen. Benny Ganz – Chairman, Yoel Razvozov, Knesset Member
  • Front of Respect: Alex Berman – Chairman, Avraham Sharnopolsky – President, Roman Sokolov – General Director
  • Helping Hand Coalition: Dr. Andre Gasiorowski – Chairman

N12 TV Channel: 22.02.2020

Gen. Benny Ganz – Chairman of the Blue-White political party:

“I met this morning with representatives of Olim (immigrant) from ex-USSR. A huge number of hundreds of thousands of people who live under the poverty line. They received endless of promises, and nothing was done with this. And I ask myself: “How did this happen?” And I answer you: “The people of today’s government are busy dealing for themselves instead of serving the public, and I intend to change this !!”


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