Tel Aviv | 16th Plenum of the Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism

Each year, the Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism gather together to discuss the different activities of their Amuta, which took place that year. A network of WWII Veterans branching in 72 cities, each meeting commemorates the WWII fighters and collects intel on who needs support before requesting it from amutas like Helping Hand Coalition and the State of Israel.

On November 26th, the 16th Plenum session — which takes place every four years — took place in Tel Aviv to elect board members, make resolutions, and examine important topics. Also present to give their greetings and blessing to the veterans were the Ambassador of Russia in Israel, the Ambassador of Belarus in Israel, the Chairman of Euro – Asian Jewish Congress, the Chairman of the Association for Establishing the Museum of Jewish Soldier in World War II, and the Chairman — Andre Gasiorowski — and Executive Director — Luke Gasiorowski — of Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum. 

The luncheon was a success and a great opportunity to connect with the veterans and listen to their plans for the coming year. Thank you to all who were involved. 

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