Jerusalem | Official Event at the Presidential Palace

On January 4th, Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum had the honor of addressing the President of Israel, Itzhak Herzog, and blessing him on behalf of our partners. Presenting Mr.President with a bronze sculpture of his bust were the executives of Helping Hand Coalition — Andre Gasiorowski, Bozena Gasiorowski, Luke Gasiorowski, and Sarah Risard-Gasiorowski.

The ceremony, which was organized by the President of Israel, was attended by official and distinguished guests, including Sam Ben Chetrit, President of the World Federation of Moroccan Jews, along with members of the board of this foundation.

World Federation of Moroccan Jewry letter to His Excellency President of Israel, Isaac Herzog.

In Honor of President of the State of Israel, Mr. Isaac Herzog, Residence of the President of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

His Excellency, Mr. President,

Sometimes, there are no words to express the feelings of the heart, thus, when we come today, to praise and glorify the gathering with you on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

We left you excited and thrilled. Excited, from the light of his face we won with you. Excited, from the nobility of your soul and the love at first sight between you and Klal Am Yisrael and its communities, and from the fact that the media, faithfully present your visits throughout Israel and the Diaspora, and reflect your speeches and statements on current issues.

During our meeting, five speakers spoke our behalf: Rebbetzin Berura Iferkan, known for her many acts of kindness; Prof. Aharon Maman, winner of the Israel Prize; Dr. Yehuda Lankri, our former ambassador to France and the UN;  Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, philanthropist and man of many deeds and acts of kindness; Ami Savir, a legal adviser who has been a volunteer with us for more than 30 years. All of them praised your high work and continuity in leading the nation in your family, from the entanglement of the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Isaac Yitzchak Halevi Herzog and your late father, Major General, Ambassador and President of Israel, Haim Herzog. Among our friends, there was also Mr. Yosef Dahan, a man of great generosity, who does kindness to thousands, and who has just donated NIS 21,000,000 for the establishment of a cardiology department at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

We had meetings and gatherings with world leaders in Israel and in the Diaspora, but the gathering with you surpassed everyone, and for that we came to congratulate and thank.

The revelation of you, as a President whose ear is open to every man, and though you have reached greatness and besieged, has not lifted up your heart and deceived your eyes. And this is what the sages said: “And the humble will inherit the land.” Prof. Martin Buber also stated: Only a great man can be humble.

We are happy to give you on behalf of the Federation a gift from Dr. Andre Gasiorowski and Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum – your protoma that our friend cast the glorious sculpture cast by Shmuel Ben-Ami, and ‘Hemdat Shamayim’ by our friend Rabbi Yosef Moyal.

We were given the opportunity to present to you our activities on the 22nd anniversary of the Federation, and they are: unity with Israel, passing on our heritage, emphasizing the role of Moroccan Jewry in the resurrection of the people and the state, and the crown jewel – scholarships for low-income students . Until two years ago, we awarded NIS 40,000,000 to about 5,000 students, most of whom completed a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

And at the end of the Honorable President, we will be allowed to raise the honor of the Presidential assistants, including Oren Avraham, Yael Shuvi, Maor Yahya and most recently Haviva Riki Tamir. Everyone will stand for the blessing!

Sam Ben Shitrit, President of World Federation of Moroccan Jewry