Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky

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Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky | Jerusalem, Israel

Executive Board Member of Helping Hand Global Forum

Public figure | Scientists | Publicist | Holocaust Survivor


Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky is an Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum

  • Dr. Abraham Sharnopolsky heads the House of Technology in Jerusalem.
  • He is a Doctor of Technical Sciences and a specialist in life support for rocket and space systems. Before repatriation to Israel (1995), he graduated from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and was the head of the research and production department of the Khimavtomatika Association; he is the author of 13 inventions and over 40 scientific papers in the field of analytical instrumentation, laureate of many awards and nominations.
  • Co-Founder and Vice-president of the organization Hazit “HaKavod” (For a Worthy Future”), whose primary goal is to improve the current system of social and pension provision for elderly repatriates.
  • He was recognized as the “Man of the Year” in the nomination “for the benefit of the community” by Israeli TV Channel 9 (2006).
  • Dr. Abraham Sharnopolsky was born in the Vinnytsia region and survived the Holocaust as a refugee.