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Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, MD, Ph.D. | Israel

Co-Founder, CEO & President of Helping Hand Global Forum

PERSONAL PROFILE: Medical Doctor | Executive Manager | Businessman | Philanthropist | Transformational leader | TV and film productions | Musician |

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski is CEO & President of Network Intelligence Group, involved in various regional and macro-economic business activities in energy, transportation, and advanced technologies. He deals with international diplomacy, supports peace initiatives in the Middle East, and interfaith dialogue among ethnic and religious minorities. He is a Knight of Parte Guelfa Archconfraternity (Florence), Knight of Order of St Stanislaus, and Chairman of the International Alliance of World Nations and International Congress of World Nations, among over 25 other international organizations.


Avraham Michael Grinzaid

Honorary President of Helping Hand Global Forum

PERSONAL PROFILE: Chairman of Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism | Союз Ветеранов Второй Мировой Войны – Борцов Против Нацизма | ברית ותיקי מלחמת העולם השנייה שנלחמו בנאצים


Charles Chaw | Singapore

Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum | Asia Pacific Region

PERSONAL PROFILE: Executive Management | World’s Most Trusted Research & Analytic on China | Publishing, research, media, and business & investment consulting

Charles Chaw, 52, Singaporean, is the Co-Founder & CEO of China Knowledge Group of Companies and the Chief Investment Officer of Genetic Capital. Charles speaks regularly on BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNA, HK Phoenix TV, Al Jazeera, and China’s CBN TV on a broad spectrum of economic, social, and financial topics. He had worked in Deutsche Morgan Grenfell’s investment banking unit overseeing the Southeast Asian market, in Cargill Financial Services Asia’s proprietary trading desk covering the Asia Pacific region. He is a prolific writer and contributes to the financial press and academic journals, and has published over 20 investment guides on China. 👉 see full bio


Prof. Tomasz Tadeusz Koncewicz | Poland

Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum | European Union Region

PERSONAL PROFILE: Professor of Law | Advocate

Prof. Tomasz Tadeusz Koncewicz is Head of the Department of European Law and Comparative Law at the University of Gdańsk; he is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Oxford Encyclopedia of European Law, Member of the Team of Experts for Constitutional Review at the Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, and Member of Council of the Fondation Jean Monnet pour L’Europe in Lausanne.


Mila Bessmann | UK

International Advisory Board Member of Helping Hand Global Forum | Public Affairs in Strategic AI Research & Development for Metaverse and Green Energy

PERSONAL PROFILE: Public Affairs in Strategic AI Research & Development for Metaverse and Green Energy | International & Government Relations and Finance & Entrepreneurship | Circular Sustainability / Green Energy, Spatial Web / Metaverse / Applied AI & XR / Metaverse | Green Energy | Government Relations.

Mila Bessmann is a technology entrepreneur, founder, and investor with core expertise in AI & Metaverse and exposure to renewable energy and trade in biofuel and metals. She is a Board Trustee at BPUR International, supported by the Council of Europe and MEPs. She began her career at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, UK. She was one of the first energy innovators who built biofuel production factories and ‘green’ CHPs under governmental sustainability programs in CEE. Her latest frontier tech venture specializes in developing machine learning and generative AI algorithms to automatically create photorealistic 3D content for Metaverse / Spatial Web and designs turnkey solutions for Forbes 500 companies, government agencies, and international organizations. 👉 see full bio