Charles Chaw

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Charles Chaw | Singapore

Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum

Asia Pacific region


Co-Founder & CEO of China Knowledge Group of Companies
Chief Investment Officer of Genetick Capital Pte. Ltd


  • Charles Chaw, 52, Singaporean, is the Co-Founder & CEO of China Knowledge Group of Companies.
  • Over two decades, he has been instrumental in the group’s publishing, research, media, and business & investment consulting.
  • Charles speaks regularly on BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNA, HK Phoenix TV, Al Jazeera, and China’s CBN TV on a broad spectrum of economic, social, and financial topics (avail on YouTube).
  • Before founding China Knowledge, he had worked in Deutsche Morgan Grenfell’s investment banking unit overseeing the Southeast Asian market.
  • He later joined Cargill Financial Services Asia’s proprietary trading desk covering the Asia Pacific region.
  • In addition, he is a prolific writer and contributes to the financial press and academic journals, and has published over 20 investment guides on China.