Dr. Alexander Berman

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Dr. Alexander Berman | Jerusalem, Israel

Executive Board Member of Helping Hand Global Forum

Scientists | Public figure | Publicist | Holocaust Survivor


Dr. Alexander Berman is a Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum

  • Dr. Alexander Berman has been successfully heading various public organizations of Russian-speaking repatriates for over 20 years. For 15 years, he has been President of the Khazit Hakavod (For a Worthy Future) movement, whose main goal is to improve the current social and pension provision system for elderly repatriates.
  • Khazit Hakavod public movement at the parliamentary and government levels effectively lobbies and, in every possible way, contributes to solving the social problems of elderly repatriates, including World War II veterans, former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps, refugees from the Holocaust, people of pre-retirement age.
  • Dr. Alexander Berman was born in Poland and survived the Holocaust as a refugee.



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