Krzysztof Rompa

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Krzysztof Rompa | Gdańsk, Poland

Helping Hand Global Forum | Executive Member of International Presidium

Public Figure | TV Producer and Executive | Businessman | Philanthropist | Theologian | Interfaith Dialogue



Krzysztof Rompa is the President of the TBN Poland TV network. TBN Poland, registered in Poland regional TV station, reaching today 9 million households in Poland, is an affiliation of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) – the world’s largest Christian television network and America’s most-watched faith-and-family channel, an international television network with channels broadcast on 70 satellites and over 18,000 television and cable affiliates to 800 million viewers in 180 countries.


Krzysztof Rompa owns and is the Founder of Media House „Media Vibes”, One Thousand Oak Business Club, and FAST TV Network International. Free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) is a category of streaming services akin to linear or cable TV, represented by platforms such as Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus. These services offer traditional television programming and studio-produced movies without a paid subscription, funded exclusively by advertising. They stand apart from platforms predominantly featuring user-generated content like YouTube and Twitch and subscription-based ad-supported services like Hulu and Netflix.


  • Nuclear Power Station Engineering College
  • Pontifical Academy of Theology in Warsaw
  • Christian Theological Academy 
  • Domata Bible School International