Luke Gasiorowski

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Luke Gasiorowski | Zikhron Yaacov, Israel

Executive Board Member of Helping Hand Global Forum


Luke Gasiorowski is an Executive Board Member of Helping Hand Global Forum.

  • Helping Hand: He is the Executive Director & COO of Helping Hand Coalition, an international organization registered in Israel focused on supporting the Holocaust survivors living in Israel, preserving the memory of the Holocaust, supporting Israel and the Jewish people worldwide, global interfaith dialogues, and peace initiatives. Helping Hand Coalition is a Founder of Helping Hand Global Forum.
  • Achievements: Elected “Man of the Year 2022” of Helping Hand Global Forum; awarded for his outstanding work supporting victims of the Holocaust and preserving memories of WWII veterans with Recognition Certificates by the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel, Jerusalem Association of Holocaust Survivors, Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism, World Federation of Morocco Jewry, and many other organizations. 
  • International diplomacy: Represented Israel internationally as an ambassador on several delegations to Europe, the Far East, America, and Africa.
  • Management: Luke also works at the executive management level at Network Intelligence Technology Group, Media Network Intelligence, Daily Israel, and Viva Art Productions.
  • Showbusiness: MC, co-producer, and assistant producer on numerous global televised mega-events with over 500 mill live audiences in 180 countries worldwide.
  • Film: Director, cinematographer, and editor; filming manager and chief editor; P.R. campaign and global distribution manager; artists coordinator, video producer, planning coordinator, and editor of a production, casting & human resources manager; stage and event manager. He is a producer and director of video productions documenting the memories and lives of several hundreds of Holocaust survivors.
  • Education: Earned his B.A. in Communications, specializing in Visual Content, and studied Management & Economics from IDC (Reichman University in  Herzliya).
  • IDF: Served as a Search & Rescue IDF unit commander and continues serving in reserve duties.
  • Luke is a third-generation descendant of a Holocaust survivor from Poland.