Dr. Andre Gasiorowski

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Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, MD, Ph.D. | Israel

CEO & President of Helping Hand Global Forum

Medical Doctor | Public Figure | Philanthropist | Businessman | Executive Manager | Film Productier | Show-business events producer | Musician | Journalist |


Dr. Andre Gasiorowski is a Co-Founder, CEO, President, and Executive Board Member of the Helping Hand Global Forum

  • Executive management: CEO & President of Network Intelligence Group, involved in various regional and macroeconomic business activities in energy, transportation, AI, and advanced technologies.
  • Business activities: he is an executive and operative manager involved in various Middle East, the Far East, and African projects, mainly in energy, advanced technologies, industrial and municipal infrastructure development, and media productions.
  • Public activities: Decorated with the title Knight of Parte Guelfa, Knight of Order of St Stanislaus, awards from the Israeli Knesset, and many others; member of the Presidency of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry, Chairman of the International Alliance of World Nations and International Congress of World Nations, Peace Ambassador of Universal Peace Council for Human Rights and Interfaith Dialogue, Presidium Member of WWII Veterans Association in Israel, Member of the Parliamentary Lobby in the Knesset,
  • Media and Showbusiness: For decades involved as an executive producer of international globally televised events and music mega-productions of events with up to 1.5 million live audiences and up to 750 million TV audiences in 180 countries worldwide. He was involved in productions of World Youth Day with Pope John Poul II (August 1991 in Czestochowa, Poland), and Pope Francis’s participation (July 2016 in Kraków, Poland) with a few million live audience participation.
  • Born in Poland, living in Israel since 1991.



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