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CEO & President of Helping Hand Global Forum

International Presidium, Chairman

  • Roger West, Chairman of God’s Grace International | USA

Honorary President

  • Avraham Grinzaid, Chairman of Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism | Israel

Executive Board Members | in alphabetical order


INTERNATIONAL PRESIDIUM | in alphabetical order


  • Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, Public Figure, Interfaith Dialogue, International Diplomacy | UAE
  • H.B. Metropolitan Archbishop Abina Melchisdeck, Palestinian Orthodox Church in USA
  • Constance Sloan | International & Government Relations and Finance & Entrepreneurship | USA
  • Harald Eckert, Chairman of Christians for Israel | Germany
  • Igor Barkagian, International & Government Relations and Finance & Entrepreneurship | USA
  • Klaus Dewald, Chairman of GAiN (Global Aid Network) | Germany
  • Krzysztof Rompa, Chairman of TBN Poland | Poland
  • Norbert Palimaka, Chairman of GAiN Poland | Poland
  • Serafina Ogonczyk-Makowska, Lady of Parte Guelfa Archconfraternity | Poland
  • Prof. Tomasz Koncewicz, Expert on International Law and European Union law | Poland


  • Alexander Dietze, Chairman of Back to Zion | Germany, Israel
  • Caecylia Dietze, President of Back to Zion | Germany, Israel
  • David Levin, Chairman of the Association of Immigrants from Ukraine in Israel | Israel
  • Larisa Stedler, President of International Congress of World Nations | Israel
  • Sam Ben Chetrit, Chairman of World Federation of Morocco Jewry | Israel, Morocco
  • Sarah Gasiorowski, Founder and President of MedPress Business and Strategy Solutions | Israel
  • Tatiana Kadoshkina, President of the Association of Disabled Citizens | Israel
  • Yoel Nahum, CPA | Israel


  • Adam Greenwell, Producer of multi-media, writer, and social entrepreneur | New Zealand
  • Albert Tan, Founder of Asia Pacific for Israel | Singapore
  • Amanda Harris, Vice-President of My People Your People | UK
  • Christie Glesener, Founder and Chairman of Shofar International Foundation | USA
  • Dr. Daniel Fuentes Acosta, President of Helping Hand Global Forum Latin America | Mexico
  • David Welch, President of American Friends of Helping Hand Coalition | USA
  • Gilad Rosinger, Founder and President of Radiant Israel Ministries | Israel, USA
  • Jeff Shelton, Founder and Chairman of ICARE (Israel Care And Relief Efforts) | USA
  • Jenny Chaw, Founder and President of Asia Pacific for Israel | Singapore
  • Jeremiah Sunday Dairo, Pastor of Lift Up Your Head Ministry | Nigeria, Israel
  • Jerzy Rycharski, Chairman of Fundacja Znowu Razem | Poland
  • Karen Gower, Founder and President of My People Your People | UK
  • Larry Williamson, President of Reach Out America | USA
  • Maggie Gasiorowski-Rosinger, Founder and President of Radiant Israel Ministries | Israel
  • Matt Stewart, Lead Pastor at Harvest VA | USA
  • Max Veenstra, Chairman of Israel Relief Aid | Netherlands
  • Norm Schultz, CEO of NEUE Group | Canada
  • Ron Robertson, UK, Germany
  • Samuel Joseph, Founder and President of Praice Peace Foundation | Canada
  • Silvia Sandford, Guatemala | Founder at Silvia Sanford Ministries | Guatemala, USA


AMBASSADORS | in alphabetical order

  • Alexander Braverman, USA | Founder of Russian Heritage Night @ NHL | USA
  • Alexander Gunayev, European Showbusiness Executive Producer | Russia
  • Alexander Sulinman Shapiro, President of International Alliance of World Nations | Russia
  • Charles Chaw, President of Asia Pacific for Israel | Singapore
  • Constantin Mostovich, Musician Master of Moldovian Pan Flute ‘Nai’ | Moldova
  • Esther de Pommery, Comtesse de Lambrey, Founder and President of Esther de Pommery Comtesse de Lambrey Foundation | Switzerland
  • Jimmy and Hava McClintock | USA
  • Karolina Matyas, Worldwide Art Ambassador and Promoter | Poland
  • Keith and Kathy Thibodeaux, Founder and President of Ballet Magnificat! | USA


INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD | in alphabetical order

  • Aaron Azulay, Founder and CEO of Haifa Bay Cluster | Israel
  • Ami Artzi, Hollywood Motion Pictures Executive Producer | USA
  • Claude Grundman, President of Academic French Campus | Israel
  • Dave Schubert, EU Commercial Markets & Entrepreneurship | Netherlands
  • Malgorzata Gaworczyk, International Medical Projects Development | Poland
  • Marcin Dzbanski, International Law | Poland
  • Mila Bessmann, Public Affairs in Strategic AI Research & Development for Metaverse and Green Energy | UK
  • Olga Bołądź, Film and theater actress, Film Director | Poland
  • Patryk Gajda, Business Optimization Strategist, AI Technologies Innovator, and Space-Tech Entrepreneur | Poland
  • Wojciech Sobczuk, AI Technology Entrepreneur and Business Strategist | Poland
  • Yitzhak Chen, Israeli Dental Association | Israel
  • Igor Nikitin (†), Founder and Chairman of TBN Russia | Russia



  • Acco | Claudia Shapovalenko
  • Ashdod 1 | Vladimir Listengarten, Faina Kustanovich
  • Ashdod 2 | Sonia Klimentieva
  • Ashdod 3 | Aaron Molotkovsky
  • Beer Sheva | Michail Zarfis
  • Beit Shemesh 1 | Boris Dashevski
  • Beit Shemesh 2 | Elizabeta Gurvitch
  • Kiryat Bialik | Igor Bekker
  • Hadera 1 | Sima Fiedosova
  • Hadera 2 | Ada Girel
  • Haifa | Marina Petrova
  • Lod | Rachel Shapiro
  • Jerusalem | Yaacov Liberman
  • Maalot | Leonid Piszczanski
  • Migdal HaEmeq | Roman Tabacznikov
  • Netanya 1 | Mila Fleitman
  • Netanya 2 | Mila Kornish
  • Netanya 3 | Rita Liberman
  • Netanya 4 | Evgenij Kuzniecov
  • Ofakim | Esfir Davidov
  • Or Akiva 1 | Elena Zaslavska, Emily Zatman
  • Or Akiva 2 | Sofia Miedvinska
  • Or Akiva 3 | Siemion Siemiejnyj
  • Rehovot | Iliya Petrushevskiy
  • Rishon LeZion | Evgenia Tsofin
  • Sderot | Elena Triebukowa



The GLOBAL FORUM Executive Board is the governing body within an organization responsible for day-to-day operations and implementing the International Presidium’s policies, making strategic decisions, and overseeing the overall management of the entity. The Executive Board comprises top-level executives, such as the CEO, CFO, COO, and other key executives, who collectively shape the organization’s direction, set policies, and make critical decisions.


The GLOBAL FORUM International Presidium is a governing body that comprises high-level executives and representatives with leadership positions, experts, or high-ranking officials. They make strategic decisions, set policies, and guide the organization’s activities globally, with an international scope in regional or international organizations, associations, or societies with representatives from various countries. The Presidium oversees international collaborations, sets strategic objectives, organizes regional or international events, and represents the organization internationally. Its purpose is to promote cooperation and collaboration among nations, addressing global issues such as humanitarian aid, poverty, public education, international diplomacy, and conflict resolution. The GLOBAL FORUM Executive Board members meet or communicate regularly with International Presidium members to discuss and develop policies and initiatives to achieve these goals. Through its efforts, the International Presidium plays a crucial role for GLOBAL FORUM in fostering international relations in leadership, business, entrepreneurship, and politics.


The role of the GLOBAL FORUM Ambassador is to represent the organization professionally and diplomatically. The Ambassador is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including government officials, business leaders, and community organizations. They serve as the organization’s spokesperson, communicating its mission, values, and goals to the public. The Ambassador is also crucial in cultivating donors and sponsors to support the organization’s programs and initiatives. Overall, the Ambassador is a critical member of the organization’s leadership team, helping to shape its strategic direction and ensure its success.


The GLOBAL FORUM International Advisory Board is a group of experts from various fields, including academia, business, and government, who guide and advise organizations on global, universal, or specialized issues. Its members are chosen for their knowledge, experience, and expertise in international affairs, and they work to help organizations navigate complex global challenges. Organizations seeking to expand their global reach and impact highly value the board’s recommendations and insights. The International Advisory Board plays a crucial role in shaping the organization’s direction and ensuring its long-term success.