Warsaw | Karolina Matyas as Ambassador of Helping Hand Global Forum

Karolina Matyas is becoming the Worldwide Art Ambassador and Promoter of the Helping Hand Global Forum.

Karolina Matyas:

Marketing and copyright specialist | Music producer | Literary publisher | Certified culture manager | Producer and director of audiovisual content, artistic events, and festivals | Master of arts | Musician-violist | Pedagogy by education | Startup inventor | Creator of creative, personal, and business brands | Member of entities and program councils of international organizations and companies. |

Currently, her actions focus mainly on pro-social work. She actively carries out her mission, distinguishing art above political, racial, or cultural divisions. She patronizes the idea of art therapy by supporting global educational and scientific projects in this field of study and promoting the most outstanding artists. She implements innovative art therapy programs with experts in various domains, including medicine, culture, and business.  👉 See full bio

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